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February 26, 2014

I have single handedly stopped the madness when it comes to ugly, obnoxious iPad games for toddlers.

OK, it wasn’t single handedly. My brother, the father of two small children and a serial entrepreneur, approached me in 2012 to pitch his idea of a counting game for toddlers. I worked with designer Erin Allen to produce storyboards and concepts for a stylish, fun app that both kids and parents could agree on. We then turned to New Orleans app developers Susco to program the game using the Unity platform.

Screen shot from count down

The recently released Count Down iPad app teaches toddlers basic counting skills with encouragement from their space-alien friends Amelia and Vladimir. Players can learn numbers from 1-1,000!

You can find out more about Count Down and download…

  1. through the App Store
  2. on the Redux Software website
  3. via the Facebook page

Bonus points if you can identify the voiceover artists!

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