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Exciting day! Officially in business!

July 17, 2012

Today was a surprising day.

I went down to the Clerk of Court to file my local trade name papers there so that I could then go to the bank and open a business account.

I had mentally prepared myself for entrapment. For a rabbit hole of unforeseen tasks and requirements. There was no information online about how to file other than where to go.

I exited the elevator on the fifth floor and encountered helpful people with friendly faces. They alerted me to one snag: Contrary to what the woman on the telephone told me, I did need the filing notarized.

Luckily, I am friendly with two notaries, so I dashed over to one of their offices and got everything in order.

Back to the clerk’s office. Twenty minutes and $65 later (including a mysterious $15 new building fee) all was completed.

NOLA, you might be changing for the better. But don’t change too much. It’s all part of the charm.

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