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The social agenda

November 16, 2012

I have a love-hate relationship with social media in the professional space.

I love it. I have to. I need to keep on top of its evolution. To see how people are using the tools, and to see where the trends are headed. The constant, current flow of information excites me. What a great way to stay plugged in and informed.

I hate it. Who wouldn’t? There are all these “conversations” happening that seem scripted and calculated. Players who I know have off-line relationships run

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fake conversations for the benefit of those who follow them. They’re not talking to each other, they’re talking to us. Fawning praise meant to ingratiate. LinkedIn endorsements that plea for a return.

What’s supposed to be authentic feels even more fake than a billboard.

Me? I stick with what I know works best (or to be more truthful, the only thing I know): I say what I think. Sometimes I’m wildly inappropriate. Always highly critical. And always part of the conversation.


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