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Thriving on fear

November 2, 2012

It’s the Friday confessional hour.

I’m doing a little procrastinating before a 11 a.m. meeting. There’s something I should be working on (always is), but I met a major deadline yesterday and I’m feeling I earned the right to not work on the onerous task before me.

Before yesterday’s deadline, though, I was not feeling the same divine right to do whatever. I was living in fear. I had a nagging fear that the client would hate what I did. That I’d have to explain why I had offered such incomplete, sub-par thinking.

That’s pretty much how I roll, with a constant belief that what I’m doing is not good enough.

I like to believe that this sense of dread, this feeling of “I’m faking it” is actually what makes my work stronger. If I thought I was god’s gift to marketing communications, I’d probably just rehash the same old, same old whatever.

But is my fear pushing me forward or holding me back?

For a great exploration on this topic, check out Sarah Bee Nelson's examination of the Imposter Syndrome. She sent out the post with the subject line “Found out! You are a Fake and a Fraud!” That got some attention in my inbox.


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